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Tech Engine Australia has helped major property companies like estate agents, management firms and letting agencies with their cloud-based needs. We understand how tech savvy consumers have become in this day and age which is why we’re here to help you out!


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Complete New Office IT Installations

Tech Engine Australia


  • No need to invest in expensive hardware. Upgrades now come with a new layer of cloud services and an IT infrastructure that is streamlined, efficient, and reliable for any business size or budget.
  • Mobility – Our team of IT experts has a thorough understanding that there is nothing more convenient than being able to access your files, real time data and applications at the touch of one button. We have in-depth experience developing mobile solutions for commercial property sector companies.
  • Multi-Site networking including SD-WAN, CCTV and door access

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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Data Security

    Tech Engine Australia will implement a comprehensive off-site Back up and Disaster Recovery solution.

  • Secure Network

    Tech Engine Australia can install and manage a firewall, antivirus, malware protection, patch management, anti-spyware and email spam management.

  • Remote Working Solutions

    Tech Engine Australia can provide your staff with the safe functionality to work on the go and remotely.

  • Property Specific Software

    Tech Engine Australia install & support specific applications such as CFP or Jupix.

  • Increased Productivity of Staff

    Tech Engine Australia can provide installation & training with applications such as Microsoft SharePoint to increase efficiency. 

  • Service desk

    Tech Engine Australia 24/7 support is about maximising service efficiency, resolving problems and driving continuous service improvement.

How Property Agents must adapt to changing technology

In the old days, running a property management company was all about getting your hands dirty. You had to manually collect rent payments and keep up with every tenant’s due date or they would get angry! Fortunately these troublesome chores are now an automated part of our lives thanks to some hot new technology like IT systems that can handle things for you automatically so you’ve got more time to focus on what really matters: making sure tenants have everything they need while keeping them happy which in turn keeps the revenue rolling in. For example:

  • Facial recognition software is a type of access control technology that grants or denies someone from an area. It can be used to allow only authorized personnel into sensitive areas and prevent unauthorize entry to restricted sites such as military bases, nuclear reactors, prisons etc.
  • Retrofitting homes with LED lighting can make them more energy efficient, and it is not that expensive.
  • Imagine walking into a property to see it in all of its glory, but you have never been inside. You start your virtual tour with the front yard and work your way around- noting which areas are best suited for entertaining guests or having morning coffee on the porch swing. It’s not like there was any other part of this process that could go wrong anyways!