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Smart Home Improvements


What are Smart Home Improvements?

With affordable smart home automation technology being available to everyone, we consult, procure, fit and provide training on everything in our home


Home Automation Projects


Intelligent Lighting Installs


Voice Activated Smart Systems

Tech Engine Australia fell into the smart home improvement world through company owners and executives requesting assistance to their home automation and home office setups. Let’s get started

Tech Engine Australia it support brisbane
Tech Engine Australia it support brisbane
Tech Engine Australia it support brisbane

Our SMART Home consultancy offering is based around Apple HomeKit / Google Home / Amazon Alexa compatible products which is controllable from an app on a smartphone:

  • Home SMART Connectivity Projects – Control Your Home Via An App
    • Lighting
    • Intruder Alarm System
    • Video Front Door Bell
    • Indoor and Outdoor CCTV
    • Smart Plugs
    • Smart Heating Thermostat

Managed Print Services Include

  • Home WiFi Extensions and Mesh Technologies (One WiFi signal instead of two or more)

  • Home CCTV Systems for Indoor and Outdoor

  • Home Alarm Systems

  • Network Area Storage (NAS)

  • Home Cinema Home Installations

  • Home Laptop and Computer Repairs, Upgrades and Improvements

Benefits of Smart-Home Improvements

1. Managing all of your home devices from one place. Technology at home is really taking off. With the introduction of IoT devices, you can now manage all your tech from one interface like never before. The convenience factor here is enormous and it’s a massive step forward for technology in general as well as managing your household items more efficiently!

2. Flexibility for new devices and appliances. The ability of a smart home system to accommodate new devices and appliances is one way that the technology shows its flexibility.

3. Maximizing home security.

You can’t just have a home with great internet and wi-fi, you need the ultimate protection too. With security features like cameras to record who’s coming in and out of your house while also monitoring what is going on inside it from anywhere; this leaves nobody guessing how safe they are when things get crazy outside.

5. Increased energy efficiency. It’s possible to save money and energy by programming your thermostat. You can have more precise control over the heating and cooling of your home with a programmable smart, internet-enabled device that learns when you’re typically at home or away from it during certain periods throughout the day. This way, if you usually don’t come back until late in the evening after work for example, it will adjust accordingly while adjusting other settings as well like turning off lights which are on unnecessarily.

6. Improved appliance functionality.

Imagine living in a world where you could control all of your smart appliances with one hand. You know what just thinking about it is making me want to get out my smartphone and download the latest app for controlling home theaters!

Did someone say they wanted more time outside? Well, there’s an idea-hook up some sensors that detect when people walk past them so we can automatically turn on our outdoor lights without needing physical contact like old fashioned light switches or motion detector lights.