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What is Print?

Brisbane companies today spend, on average, 3% of their annual revenues on print and document-related activities.

Tech Engine Australia works with a number of the most reputable suppliers in the industry to save you money. With our solutions, we’ll fit your budget and objectives while delivering quality results that typically result in cost savings at least 20%.


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Don’t settle for the obligatory paper-jam,
if it’s printed you need, printed you’ll get.

Our company’s advanced printing solutions are tailored to offer your business everything from mobile and cloud-based print strategies, as well as managed digital imaging services. We provide you with the flexibility of choosing a monthly or annual contract that best fits your needs – all at an affordable price point!

We know how important it is for companies today to stay competitive in their industry by utilizing innovative methods such as mobile and cloud printers. Our flexible options allow customers more control over pricing while still enjoying high quality prints on demand thanks to our broad spectrum of technologies.
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Managed Print Services Include

  • Maintenance

    Tech Engine Australia will be your machine fleet’s well-tuned and reliable auto mechanic. Tech Engine Australia can keep a close eye on the health of machines in order to maintain their performance, replenish toners as needed, deliver parts or supplies when required, and even read meters automatically!

  • Security

    Using pin-codes, swipe cards or biometric authentication, we can ensure you have the optimal print security.

  • Environmental

    Tech Engine Australia can help you reduce print wastage by at least 45%. That means less waste in your office and helps ease the environmental strain on our planet.

  • Free Print Audit

    Tech Engine Australia offers comprehensive solutions to help you improve your current printing setup.

  • Brands

    Tech Engine Australia work with the best companies in the business including Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba, HP and Canon.

  • All Printers Offered

    Tech Engine Australia supplies Managed Print Services on a range of devices, from desktop printers right up to light production and large format multi-functional printers

Benefits of Managed Print Services

1. Save time and improve efficiency

There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting employee time on printer-related tasks. It can take a lot of effort to print, scan, copy or fax documents with old hardware and poorly configured software. There is also the time spent fixing devices that malfunctions and replacing ink cartridges/toners; all this just adds up. A Managed Print Service should identify such problems before they happen and include plans for them in their service contracts so employees don’t have to worry about it!

2. Reduce costs and save money

A sporadic approach to your company’s printing can lead to inefficiencies across the board. First and foremost, there are maintenance costs. Maintaining individual devices one at a time is more costly than having an automated cloud-based system for doing so on scale. Managed Print Services often connect all printers into one monitoring service ensuring just-in-time delivery of replacement parts when necessary as well as proactive diagnostics that ensure you never run out of ink or paper again.

3. Improve productivity in your organisation

The printing needs of various departments within an organisation can vary. After an initial assessment, the MPS provider should be able to recommend a tailored programme for these different departments; this might include printing from mobile devices or off-site and special document formats that are used regularly.

4. Reduce capital expenditure and improve cash flow

Print Services offer leasing options for companies who are apprehensive about the daunting prospect of a hefty one-off bill every five to ten years. According to “Computing,” as many as 50% of IT Managers surveyed in 2015 have already adopted pay per page models with leased hardware, and this number is expected only increase over time.

The cost of purchasing an entire fleet can be overwhelming; fortunately, there’s hope – or so our managed printing services might tell you! With flexible payment options like lease plans and fee based on usage instead of pages printed, your company may not need worry about budgeting these devices into their long term budgets at all (or very little).

5. Improve your information security

With the ever-present risk of intellectual property theft and information security breaches, a group of IT managers surveyed by Computing for Brother UK found that 28% are looking to introduce secure printing technology or further enhance their print security. This is no surprise given how easy it could be for hackers to intercept sensitive data as soon as they leave your printer. How does an MPS help mitigate those threats?

IT Support Brisbane - Best Business IT Support Services Company Gold Coast. Tech Engine Australia.
IT Support Brisbane - Best Business IT Support Services Company Gold Coast. Tech Engine Australia.
IT Support Brisbane - Best Business IT Support Services Company Gold Coast. Tech Engine Australia.
Tech Engine Australia it support brisbane
IT Support Brisbane - Best Business IT Support Services Company Gold Coast. Tech Engine Australia.