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We offer a complete WiFi service, for all your needs. Our solutions support intelligent buildings and power your digital home for the future. Installations come with plans, options and open price books.

Nationwide, Tech Engine Australia completes large-scale installations for WiFi and CCTV. We can provide a Wi-Fi heatmapping overlay service onto building plans to create predictability for positioning, removing the need to complete the installation twice.

Our  engineers provide whole home WiFi installation services to residential homes in Brisbane. As an organisation, we pride ourselves on providing qualified, experienced contractors working closely with clients to deliver the perfect solution. Our track record in the provision of technical support is unrivaled.

Read our blog post to find out more how we do it.

Our partners Smart WiFi London offer this service too!

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Benefits of Whole Home Wifi

  • Save Money and Save Time 

    The UniFi platform is more advanced than its competitors because it doesn’t require a hardware controller. This means that users can control their wireless network on any device, anywhere in the world without constant access to the internet.

  • Powerful Hardware 

    The UniFi 802.11AC Dual-Radio APs feature the latest in Wi-Fi 802.11AC MIMO technology.

  • Intuitive UniFi Controller 

    Software Configure and manage your APs with the easy-to-learn user interface.

  • Expandable

    Unlimited scalability: build wireless networks as big or small as needed. Start with one (or upgrade to a three-pack) and expand while maintaining an easy unified management system that will grow along the way.

Our wifi was useless until Tech Engine Australia installed our new wifi system that works very well. Full coverage and fast speeds all over the home.
Marina L, Balham

What are whole home WiFi systems doing differently to extend WiFi?

There are so many WiFi networks out there that it can become hard to get signal. However, this new device is able to boost the router’s connection and create a more reliable network throughout your home by using mesh technology – something businesses have been doing for years!It wasn’t used in consumer routers before because of cost and difficulty to set up and maintain, but now we can solve that for you — Tech Engine Australia can design, install & manage your Whole Home WiFi for a very reasonable price.