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What is Managed IT Services?

Outsourcing your IT services has become a common trend for companies. Managed IT Services is the best option because you don’t have to worry about your IT. We have it all in hand for you short term via our fast IT helpdesk, in conjunction with your 12 month IT strategy which we create with you after getting to know you within 3 months.


Imagine, a team of IT experts at your fingertips who are already keeping your business working to a gold standard, covering: equipment, communication, and cyber security – this is Managed IT.

Combined Years Experience


Combined Years Experience
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Completed Office 365 Projects
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End user satisfaction
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Global reach
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Service desk

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Comprehensive IT services include

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    Cloud services are connectivity-dependent, which is why Tech Engine Australia’s network management and monitoring services have become critical to IT. We monitor your key IT assets via a monitoring and management platform, acting on alerts linked to our helpdesk to keep downtime to a minimum.

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    Service desk

    Tech Engine Australia is a company that strives to ensure their clients are getting the most from their service. They do this by constantly improving and fixing any problems, no matter how big or small they may be. Unlimited provides 24/7 customer support for all of our customers’ needs in order to make sure we’re taking care of them as best possible

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    Tech Engine Australia is a company that takes the stress off of your IT team and ensures high availability by updating all necessary infrastructure while mitigating any potential issues. Tech Engine Australia, in an industry with ever-increasing demand for reliable services at low cost and increased efficiency, strives to provide organisations not only stability but also affordability when it comes down to their cloud hosting needs.

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    Endpoint management

    Client and server endpoints are managed as one estate, ensuring security and stability while maximising uptime and employee productivity.

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    Tech Engine Australia provides a range of flexibility for its customers, supporting both on-premise and software deployments. This means that Tech Engine Australia is able to customize their service in order to provide the best possible user experience across all platforms.

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    Managed services plus

    Tech Engine Australia is a top-tier IT company that provides innovative management tools to companies who want their service email and other software programs.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Control IT Costs

    You can scale your IT Costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. Whether that be increasing or decreasing staff, or IT project work.

  • Trusted IT advisor

    Through regular account management meetings your Managed IT service company will be able to oversee your overall IT roadmap and become your trusted advisor.

  • Economy of scale

    As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow, too. When you use a managed IT service you can scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple discussion.

  • Increased efficiency

    You’ll have your IT needs outsourced to a team of IT experts, and during times where you need additional project support, your managed IT provider supplies the extra staff.

  • Small initial investment

    Managed IT services help you offset the initial investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands on hardware and software upfront.

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What are the benefits of managed IT solutions?

Managed IT services in Brisbane offer multiple benefits to companies. Primarily, it enables businesses to scale their IT costs according to their needs, offering the flexibility of paying only for what is required. As a trusted managed IT service provider in Brisbane, Tech Engine Australia helps manage your company’s network, monitor IT assets to minimise downtime, offer 24/7 customer support, and maintain infrastructure. As demand grows, the support structure expands seamlessly, increasing efficiency and maximising uptime and productivity. Also, outsourcing to IT experts means an additional support during crucial project periods, with a lower initial investment as the hefty costs of hardware and software are offset. Thus, businesses can focus on their core operations, rather than technology issues.

Is managed IT support suitable for small businesses?

Yes, managed IT support is very suitable for small businesses. They can significantly benefit from Managed IT Services. This option eliminates the need for small businesses to worry about their IT needs as we offer fast IT helpdesk and creates a long-term IT strategy. The service includes networking, infrastructure, endpoint management, and applications. A unique advantage of Brisbane managed IT support for small businesses is the ability to scale IT costs according to requirements, enabling them to pay only for what they need. Another benefit is that the managed IT provider can supply extra staff during times of increased demand. Overall, Managed IT Support in Brisbane offers a cost-effective, efficient, and scalable solution for small businesses.

How does the pricing for managed IT services work?

The pricing for Brisbane managed IT services works on a scalable basis according to your specific needs. Tech Engine Australia’s managed IT support services in Brisbane allow you to pay only for what you require. As your business changes, your service plan can easily be adjusted with a simple discussion. This means that you can manage costs effectively without wasting money on unnecessary technology.

How do managed IT solutions help in enhancing data security?

Managed IT solutions play a crucial role in enhancing data security. We manage client and server endpoints as one entity, ensuring security and stability while maximising uptime and employee productivity. Our solutions take the stress off your IT team, ensure high availability by updating all necessary infrastructure, and mitigate any potential issues. Furthermore, we offer 24/7 customer support for constant problem-solving, enhancing data protection. Managed IT solutions in Brisbane provide comprehensive, cybersecurity measures, from monitoring key IT assets to maintain downtime, to addressing any security breaches effectively.

Do I have control over my network with managed IT services?

Yes, you certainly do have control over your network with managed IT services. Even when you’re searching for “managed IT services near me”, remember the goal is to ease your IT burden not take over entirely. As one of the reliable managed IT service providers, we operate as an extension of your in-house team. We handle mundane IT tasks, security, and critical infrastructure while you retain ultimate oversight. This allows you to customise the service level, scale IT costs according to your needs, and leverage their expertise to enhance network performance and stability. So, you retain strategic control while reaping the benefits of managed IT services.