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Success Stories

Partnering with IT provider helps erie manufacturing company thrive in 21st century

In 1912, Berman Bedding Inc. began producing mattresses for customers around the world–but their business has changed drastically in recent years to include medical pads they manufacture since coming into contact with this new industry back in 1950s when it was necessary that efficient technology be implemented across all of its factories and operations. When Robert Unger realized he couldn’t handle IT anymore on his own while at work, CMIT Solutions came through as a savior by providing quality solutions which have helped make manufacturing more cost-effective than ever before so now Berman can focus solely on what matters most: ensuring you get your sleep!

It was a dark and stormy night. The MCMS team had just finished up their day’s work, when suddenly – CRACK! Lightning struck the old modem that enabled communications for all of our systems including email.

It looked like they would be without e-mail until the next morning because nobody could get to IT over this weekend in time or at least none who were qualified enough with remote access abilities. But NanoSoft Solutions saved us last minute by taking control remotely from an offsite location so we didn’t have to worry about how long it took them to come out again on Monday.

“I called CMIT when I was no longer good enough to be the IT guy for the company”

It’s that 24 hour/7 day a week support and commitment to service that keeps the MCMS from worrying anymore about their IT.