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Are you paying too much for printing?

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services can help take care of your printing needs. By outsourcing this aspect to a management company, you’re able to keep up with the latest technology without having any interruption in business! In fact, 1 out of 10 businesses are unaware their total print expenses and it can account for 3% or more than what they earn annually if unmanaged correctly.

Have you ever considered Manage Printing Services? Many organizations have realized how much money is being wasted on unnecessary paper usage and ink by-products when doing things themselves instead relying on an outside agency such as Tech Engine Australia who has years’ worth experience taking care of these types work while also using the newest technologies available today!

When it comes to printing costs, most businesses overlook the total cost of ownership. Sure, you may think that a printer is cheap at first because its initial price tag was low – but without considering all possible running costs -including paper and toner–you might end up spending more in the long run than if you had just bought your equipment outright!

Asking yourself whether or not there are any hidden expenses can save money for both small-business owners and their employees when they’re purchasing printers.

When considering your printing costs, you must assess your printer’s total cost of ownership.

Physical hardware

This is the costs of the printer you buy. Or if you are leasing, the cost of your lease over a certain period of time

Printing costs 

This is the cost and capacity of toner cartridges and the amount of paper your business goes through each month. It is also worth considering whether people are printing in black and white or colour.

Running costs 

This is the total cost or running your machine and can include internal and external help desk support, IT support, technical service and maintenance.

In order to save money and be environmentally-friendly, you should take into consideration the energy efficiency of your printer. Each machine is rated on an Industry Standard called “Energy Star.” The higher this number is, the more efficient it will be for both running costs as well as our environment!

Managed Print Services (MPS)

A managed print service agreement is a customised solution that streamlines the management of your print environment, exposes hidden costs and implements a cost reduction strategy.

Managed print services can cut your printing costs by up to 30% by outsourcing the management, maintenance and support of your device.

Cost control

Taking advantage of an MPS strategy will save your business money and control costs by eliminating unnecessary hardware, cutting printing expenses, and allowing you to track monthly print costs with ease.

Remote monitoring and support

Printing is a time-consuming and tedious task. It takes up an average of 40% of IT needs, meaning that your IT staff has less resources to allocate towards more important projects like increasing productivity or efficiency within the organization. An MPS strategy will help reduce these printing related issues by allowing you focus on growth instead – without having to worry about pesky printer errors!

Extend the life of your printers

With an MPS agreement, regular maintenance is taken care of which can help extend the life of your print equipment and minimize costly downtime.

Reduce vendor management

When it comes to print management, going from multiple vendors to a centralized managed service saves time and money. The more invoices that are sent the less chance you have of overlooking something when paying them or not knowing where your invoice is in the process for payment.

Managing prints can be difficult if you’re trying to juggle several vendors at once – but by switching over to one centralised provider all those hassles go away! Your admins will save loads on their own personal admin work, as well as taking care of things like payments and finding lost paperwork; meanwhile they’ll free up some much-needed capital too!

By expertly managing your print environment, Tech Engine Australia can help you achieve cost savings in areas of printing such as supplies, maintenance and services.

To learn more about managed print services contact Tech Engine Australia.