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Are your Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace accounts secure?

Tech Engine Australia are passionate about delivering reliable and secure protection to all of our clients. 99% of our clients use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace on a daily basis for emails, documents and a variety of other programmes.

It goes without saying, this is an essential aspect for many small businesses and if there were to be a problem, the consequences would be severe. Fortunately Tech Engine Australia have teamed up with Datto who offers SaSS protection in order to offer comprehensive backup of critical business data that can then survive disasters such as corrupted hard drives or virus attacks on your computer’s operating system.

Firstly, what is backupify?

Backupify is the leading cloud-to-cloud backup solution built exclusively for MSPs, protecting thousands of businesses today. Backupify offers comprehensive backup and recovery services by securing critical data that lives in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications.

Benefits of Backipify

Maximize Protection

Protect against permanent data loss and recover from ransomware or user-error quickly with one-click restore.

Improve Efficiency

Get new clients up and running fast with streamlined onboarding and manage client backups from a single pane of glass.

back up, restore & protect with innovated it
Reliably and securely backup Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace with Tech Engine Australia

Shared Responsibility

Meet business continuity, compliance, and security requirements beyond Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace limited native recovery capabilities.

Fast and Effortless Restore

Quickly restore critical emails, files and conversations lost due to user error, malicious activity, or SaaS application outages.

Trusted, Comprehensive Backup

The best way to make sure that MSPs’ clients have a reliable, robust backup solution is by choosing the appropriate Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data protection option. Ultimately this will result in reducing time spent on backups as well as risk of losing important client information through human error or malicious activity.

Why is Backupify the #1 choice for Cloud-to-Cloud backup?

  • Backupify is easy to use and offers the widest suite of automated features, because we know your time is money.
  • Your backups should be “set and forget” that means consistent, reliable backups with unlimited storage and the highest security considerations possible.
Are your Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace accounts secure?
Tech Engine Australia offering tried and tested products to keep your business data secure

Why you need Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

See this comprehensive video about Backupify with Tech Engine Australia
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Office 365 Protection with Tech Engine Australia

You know that human error, cyber attacks, and new compliance measures can make data loss a reality. The team at Backupify makes it easy to keep your office safe with their software that’s set-and-forget ready! With one click you’re securely backed up in the cloud so no matter what happens next there is peace of mind knowing you’ll never lose another important document or email again.

Before making any big changes for your business – whether implementing new technology or ensuring company security – always be sure to protect yourself against disaster by backing everything up first with an Office 365 backup from Backupify.

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Google Workspace protection with Tech Engine Australia

Wise IT departments need a solution that protects them and efficiently manages day to day processes.

If you would like to find out more information about getting Backupify for your business, please contact us today.