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Backup as a Service

Tech Engine Australia has a backup as a service solution that can help you avoid the consequences of losing data in one simple go. This comes with the assistance of Acronis, an industry leader for over 20 years and provides peace-of-mind through innovative solutions.

Tech Engine Australia offers “backup as a service” to protect your company from devastating losses due to data breaches or other disasters such as fire, theft, power outages at work locations or natural catastrophes like Hurricane Sandy which left businesses without access to their computers until electricians could provide repairs after three days (Bloomberg). Tech Engine Australia’ commitment is backed by more than two decades worth of experience helping organizations from small business owners all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

Protect your business with reliable, easy-to-use, secure backup

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What is Acronis Cyber Backup?

Running in the Acronis Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup is a backup as a service solution that delivers advanced enterprise-grade cyber protection packaged and priced for small infrastructures.

  • Protect physical and virtual data
  • Simplify NAS backup
  • Back up PCs and mobile devices
  • Optimize storage usage
  • Recover to bare-metal
  • Be safe from ransomware

How Does it work?

By running in the cloud, you avoid adding complexity to your infrastructure as well as a painful setup and execution experience. All you need to do is connect to the Acronis Management Server installed in the Acronis Cloud. Better still, you can easily perform reliable, off-site backup by integrating with Acronis Cyber Cloud Storage.

What are the benefits?

  • Back to work in seconds – Acronis Cyber Backup keeps your business operations running by ensuring your data is always available. AI- and ML-based technologies proactively defend data against ransomware attacks, and with near-instant recoveries, you’ll meet even the shortest RTOs, avoid operational outages, loss of productivity and costly downtime caused by infections and recovery efforts.
  • Near-zero impact on production systems – Increase overall performance of your production systems and avoid unnecessary disruptions while moving to another system. Improve recovery point objectives (RPO) with the ability to run frequent backups. Instantly protect your systems with the simplest installation process possible.
  • 20+ platforms protected – Protect all data sources in your company on 20+ platforms – virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile – regardless of the size or location of the data. Innovated use and recommend it to peep your infrastructure secure, whether you’re facing growing amounts of data or migrating to new applications, platforms, or the cloud.

There is also the Cyber Disaster Recovery Add-on

The Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Add-on makes sure that your business is always running. In the event of any disaster, all you need to do is contact our team and they will move everything over for you in a blink of an eye.

Backup as a Service
Benefits of the Disaster Recovery Add on

See more information at Acronis.

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