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SentinelOne Singularity Endpoint Protection

Malware is always evolving and developing new versions to outsmart security measures. These solutions rely on signatures of previous malware variants, which means they are static – unable to keep up with the ever-changing nature of this threat vector. The good news? Dynamic vulnerability assessment tools can detect these changes in real time without relying on a list or signature database that may not be current when you need it most!

Infection vectors have evolved so quickly over recent years we’re now facing problems like high false positives rates, low detection efficacy (requiring manual triage), and constantly changing threats that put businesses at risk for data breaches because their AV solution relies solely on ‘static’ approaches such as signatures rather than more dynamic techniques like adaptive monitoring.

There are lots of security threats faced by businesses these days. Security solutions often have trouble distinguishing between what’s important and what isn’t, which is exposing organizations to more than they can handle. As more first-generation detection tools hit the market with not enough resources to go around, employees find themselves struggling in an onslaught of issues that provide little downtime for investing in new risks or tackling existing ones head on. This has led many workers into caregiver roles where their productivity decreases as they invest time sorting through noise instead of productive work tasks like catching real threats from hackers before it costs them thousands down the line

Organizations need to be more aware of the global threats they face. They must have a better understanding and knowledge on how these attacks work in order to protect themselves from them.

Trend Micro’s report has revealed that hackers are now going after businesses with less than $10 million in annual revenue, as well as small-to-medium size enterprises. This means both large corporations and SMEs should beware of cyberattacks!

Introducing The Solution

SentinelOne Singularity Endpoint Protection (EPP+EDR) combines next-gen prevention and EDR capabilities in a single platform with a single agent.

SentinelOne Singularity Endpoint Protection

Scalable Security Platform

What if I told you we can secure your data, no matter the system? Singularity’s best-in-industry coverage across all major operating systems and a rich integration ecosystem will extend your platform to include any existing security investments.

The highly available SaaS solution that is architected with true multi-tenancy and multi site hierarchy offers the most comprehensive level of protection, ensuring you’re able to protect every aspect of your business

Robust Prevention & Control

Replace legacy AV solutions with Static AI models trained to detect threats by looking at various static attributes extracted from executables, eliminating dependencies on signatures, and offering superior detection of file-based threats. Limit your attack surface with native firewall control and granular device control for USB & Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy.

Threat Detection with Storyline

AI is not only coming to take your job, but also the jobs of security experts. Behavioral AI automatically evaluates threats in real-time and provides high fidelity detections without human intervention by delivering context rich stories about attacks starting from their inception on into networks with ease due to infused proprietary sources for comprehensive coverage at what matters most – network perimeters.

Patented 1-Click Remediation

STAR™ (Storyline Active Response) simplifies and reduces mean time to respond with automated hunting rules that not only detect a match, but also trigger alerts. These intuitive alerts are specific to your environment and can be created without writing any new scripts! See more information at SentinelOne.

Deep Visibility™ Threat Hunting

With up-to-date technology, companies don’t need to worry about hiring inexperienced hunters who can’t hit the ground running. Deep Visibility offers automated tools that scan through large amounts of data 365 days a year and lighten your analyst load so you’re always on top of trends!

Key Capabilities

  • Single cloud-delivered platform
  • Autonomous, real-time detection and remediation of complex threats with no need for human intervention.
  • Industry-leading coverage across Windows, Linux, and macOS – physical, virtual, container, cloud, data center, anywhere
  • 1-Click remediation & rollback
  • Accelerated triage and root cause analysis with incident insights and the best MITRE ATT&CK® alignment on the market, with or without Vigilance MDR.
  • Data retention options to suit every need, from 14 to 365+ days.
  • Rapid deployment interoperability features ensure a fast, smooth rollout.
  • Integrated threat intelligence for detection and enrichment from leading 3rd party feeds as well as proprietary sources

So there you have it, the best quality solution to protect your business. Would you like to receive a quote or discuss your options in more detail? If so, please contact us today.