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Beambox Guest Wifi

For those who are always on the go, having a smartphone is essential. Whether it’s to text your significant other or get directions from Google Maps, there isn’t an occasion where you couldn’t use one! But what happens when you can’t access this device? It might be possible that they forgot their password and don’t want data roaming charges for overseas clients.

The need to stay connected has increased as people have found themselves without the ability to access emails, do research or even watch Netflix on the move because of forgetting passwords and not wanting hefty data usage while traveling abroad with expenses so high some employers include them in contracts nowdays due outages at home networks like Comcast leaving employees w/o internet connectivity during business hours

With the emergence of new technologies, like wireless networks that can provide internet service to guests where broadband might not be available. Guests today expect wifi everywhere so make sure you’re one for them! Tech Engine Australia is excited to introduce Beambox Guest Wifi.

What is Beambox?

Beambox provides a method to launch your guest network. Get your network up and running effortlessly with a Plug & Play Beambox, or connect to your existing hardware. Tech Engine Australia are proud to be partnered with such advanced technology and we offer 2 systems to get set up:

1st Method – Beambox Plug & Play

Step 1. Plug in your Beambox

Plug Beambox into your existing router using the provided cables

Beambox Guest Wifi
Step 1

Step 2. Turn on the power

Wait 5 minutes while your Beambox wakes up and prepares itself.

Beambox Guest Wifi
Step 2

Step 3. Get connected

Connect to your network and test out your new guest WiFi experience.

Beambox Guest Wifi
Step 3

2nd Method – Use your own hardware

Use our cloud integrations and self-install guides to add Beambox to your existing network. We’ll guide you through it and have you up and running in minutes.

It gets better – Capture guest data with your WiFi login

Fill your marketing database with thousands of previous guests without lifting a finger.

One of the best ways to improve your guest experience is by implementing a branded login page that can be added as an overlay on top of standard WiFi. This will allow guests to quickly and easily access this in-network with their own email address, without having to worry about password recovery or forgotten passwords!

Branded logins are one way for your guests to have better experiences when using network resources such as free internet at events like conferences (Meyer et al., 2018).

Receive Reviews

Accelerate your online reviews on autopilot by prompting guests for a rating after they visit your venue for the first time. Deflect negative reviews with an internal feedback form

Don’t just let us do the talking

Benefits of Beambox

WiFi that welcomes your guests back for you

First impressions are so important. That’s why our WiFi login pops up instantly, saving your guests from scanning the room for long passwords and giving them a warm welcome back if they’ve visited before!

Customise your login to work the way you want it to

We’re in the business of making your login process as simple, streamlined and personalised as possible. With our 5-step setup you can create a custom branded flow that’s unique to you – all at the blink of an eye!

We know how important it is for people to have quick access on their phone or laptop when they need something done urgently by themselves, which is why our five step system has been designed with powerful features such as logo uploads and social media integration.

Capture the data that is valuable to your business

Beambox is a one-stop shop for capturing and storing data from any source, including email addresses, phone numbers or ZIP codes. With BeamBox you can grow your audience with ease!

Decide how and when guests can get connected

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of control you can have over your WiFi with our networks. You could set up a schedule for when it’s on, and how long you want to allow access each time if someone is using your network but forgot their password. Or maybe just limit speeds while they’re streaming video or uploading photos? The choice is yours!

To Summarize

WiFi is an essential part of any modern event. It’s not uncommon to have guests with a variety of devices and connection speeds trying to connect at the same time, which can result in frustration for some users or even slow connections for everyone. Beambox solves this problem by providing fast, reliable connectivity without compromising on security – it’s perfect for your next conference or everday use in your business! You also have access to our 24/7 support team who are always happy to help solve problems quickly so you don’t lose valuable networking opportunities. Contact us today!