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3CX Telephony

Are your employees working productively from anywhere using voice apps on their smartphones? Are they holding remote business meetings without requiring any pesky software to install.

Can you work remotely and collaborate with colleagues in different time zones? Can you make phone calls, video chat or even use a web conference system all while never having to leave the comforts of home for travel again!

If so Tech Engine Australia would like to introduce you to 3CX communications. 3CX allows you to choose from on-premise deployment with Windows or Linux, hosting in your private cloud account, and 3CX will host it for you.

Firstly, What is 3CX?

3CX is an open-platform office phone system that runs on premise on Windows or Linux, with the option to migrate to cloud with a simple backup and restore. Save money and deploy on an existing server or opt for a low-cost mini PC appliance or Raspberry Pi. Build your own 3CX solution with your choice of IP phones and SIP trunks. 

What are the Benefits of using 3CX?

Affordable, flexible solution

  • No per extension licensing, unlimited extensions.
  • Keep control of your phone lines and save on call costs.
  • Plug & play with IP phones, gateways & SIP trunks.
  • Web conferencing, mobile apps, live chat included – no add-ons!

Effortless user & system management

  • Easy user management. Save countless hours of work.
  • Add new staff, set up voicemail and update users in minutes.
  • Flexible inbound/outbound rules, DIDs & ring groups.
  • Remotely manage the system and users from anywhere

Your business phone, anywhere

  • Lockdown-ready with our free apps for Web, iOS and Android.
  • Use your office extension number on your smartphone.
  • Update your status and view your team’s availability.
  • Switch from voice to video call with a single tap.

Save up to 80% on your current cost with unlimited minutes

Switch to 3CX and enjoy big savings on telco and travel costs. With one unified system, your team is able to work efficiently from anywhere at no extra cost. No need for any additional extras like web conferencing, mobile apps or live chat – everything you need comes included with the annual package price so there’s never a question of “why didn’t I have this before?”

Let the video do the talking

Unlimited minutes and low rates: this is the only way to go!

If you’re running out of time, there’s no better option than unlimited minutes with 3CX. Unlimited means that your phone can’t be cut off if it goes over a certain number of minutes- it will just keep going until you decide to hang up or switch phones for another conversation. Plus saving money on service doesn’t hurt either- Tech Engine Australia offers plans with prices at least 50% below what others charge their clients.

Give us a call today so we can provide all the information about getting you set up with 3CX telephony.