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Enabling the New Connected Workspace; RingCentral & Tech Engine Australia

The benefits of integrating business communications and applications across multiple channels are many, including increased innovation and efficiency. This is achieved through the use new technology such as cloud computing to store data in remote locations that can be accessed by any device with internet access.

The telephone is a critical tool for business communications. The mix of voice and other communication methods like email or group chat has allowed knowledge workers to take advantage of mobile devices, softphones, as well as cutting-edge desk phones that offer new ways to communicate via video while still using the phone!

The way we work is changing, too. For instance, enterprises have started to move their critical business apps – including CRM and HRM systems into the cloud. These include SaaS-based models such as Salesforce but also homegrown applications developed by enterprise IT departments that are deployed on public, private or hybrid clouds which Tech Engine Australia can help you implement.

The limitations of decades-old technology have left many businesses struggling to keep up with modern communication. These outdated systems are holding back essential business apps, and the ever changing modes of communications employees need in order to stay on top of their work.

Businesses are looking for ways to streamline their workflows and increase efficiency. This is where cloud-based apps, such as Gmail™, Microsoft Office 365™, and Salesforce®, come in handy. With these programs employees can gain access to information from any device with an Internet connection; they also offer the ability of collaborating on documents or projects without having a constant need for collaboration tools like Slack® or Skype©. While this type of technology has been spectacularly successful so far there have not yet been many efforts made at integrating them into business communications systems which would allow management members to see all data centralized under one umbrella view rather than split up between different types of applications that cannot be effectively used together.

And with the exception of email, most modes of communication—such as voice calls, messaging, voicemail,
fax, and online meetings—still require employees to perform tedious, error-prone manual data entry to log a conversation. The data stored in call logs is also typically isolated from other systems. For example, if a sales rep uses a call, message, or web meeting to communicate with a customer, critical information gained by the rep during the conversation can easily be lost or forgotten.

Cloud phone systems are the ideal solution for today’s business, as they have grown up alongside mobile networks and new technology. They offer a robust platform with APIs and SDK that can help you integrate communications seamlessly into your key processes like never before. Tech Engine Australia will work to make it happen!

Seamlessly integrating communications into the new workspace

The constant chatter from all these devices and channels inundates employees. The highest volume communications are not necessarily the most urgent, making it difficult to know what to focus on first when responding.

Enabling the New Connected Workspace; RingCentral & Tech Engine Australia
A cacophony of communications vies for the attention of today’s knowledge worker.

Tech Engine Australia has the most comprehensive business communications platform on the market that can help you integrate many different technologies into one easy-to-use workspace. They have prebuilt integrations to make your life easier, and they’re experts at creating custom solutions as well!

Phone calls are an integral aspect of any company’s workflow. Previously, companies had to use multiple communication tools that were not always compatible with each other or the business apps they needed access to in order for their work day to run smoothly and efficiently. However, now there is a new type of enterprise-class cloud communications system which has made it possible for businesses everywhere from pop shops all the way up large corporations such as Microsoft have been able-to integrate their phone systems seamlessly into these applications so that everything can flow together without hiccups along the way!

Leveraging cloud PBX for business communications

Cloud Communications Systems are the future of phone systems. They offer a more convenient way to work remotely and stay in touch with coworkers, even if they’re on vacation or at home dealing with an emergency situation. Employees can do all their standard communications (voicemail, fax etc.) without having to worry about forgetting something important because everything is automatically saved for them!

A comprehensive cloud communications platform that also delivers a range of new features and capabilities such as an online meeting space is now available. Tech Engine Australia will help you implement the rich collaboration environment, which includes everything from group chat to content sharing.

Beyond email: group productivity with rich collaborations

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the two heads are better than one.” When it comes to productivity, this could not be more true. Enterprise communications have evolved as teams of people work together on projects in order to maximize their efficiency and creativity by being able to communicate instantly with each other from across the world. Collaboration tools such as audio/video conferencing, web meetings chat messaging allow groups like yours access a variety of communication methods that will help them get things done faster! With Tech Engine Australia’ expertise you can implement these collaboration tools so your employees don’t waste time using outdated technology or trying different platforms for meeting-makers which might slow down progress due to incompatibility issues

Empowered chat

With the arrival of IT innovations such as cloud-based chat and messaging, it is no longer a question of whether or not to transition your team’s communications across all channels. Instead you are faced with two questions: when should I start this changeover? And how do I make sure my team has access to these tools at work while maintaining data security standards for compliance purposes?

Chatting with colleagues is easier than ever. With advanced features and integrations between the phone system, empowered group chat can keep team members organized in a variety of ways such as assigning tasks or integrating meetings into their calendar.

Audio conferencing and online meetings

The benefits of using a cloud phone system are never-ending. Along with the ability to have audio conferencing integrated, it also allows for conference calling and online meetings that benefit remote employees who can work from any location without worrying about costly fees or long distance charges. Employees will no longer need to go back into their office just because they want to share screensharing capabilities on an important project (and this gives them access remotely). Online meetings provide staff members the flexibility needed as well as easy collaboration abilities in which all participants can speak at once – making these types of sessions perfect for brainstorming!

Enabling the New Connected Workspace; RingCentral & Tech Engine Australia

The trusted enterprise cloud platform

The RingCentral platform provides a decade of research and development into cloud communications, designed to serve today’s modern business with enterprise-grade security. The system offers voice messaging fax collaboration capabilities among other powerful features such as the ability for businesses to scale their phone systems without any staff experience in PBXs.

Enabling the New Connected Workspace; RingCentral & Tech Engine Australia

Standard integrations with the most popular business apps

The platform includes prebuilt solutions that integrate the RingCentral Office® cloud phone system with popular cloud services such Microsoft Office 365, Google for Work (a suite of tools that includes Gmail and Google Docs™), Salesforce, Zendesk®, and Dropbox.
The example in Figure 1 shows how RingCentral created a seamless integration with Office 365. RingCentral for Office 365 users can access a dialer, audio conferencing, Business messaging, and virtually the entire RingCentral Office feature set from within the email interface. Employees can make or receive calls and have conversations on their mobile devices—all seamlessly. With more and more large organisations using Office 365 as their preferred email solution, this capability creates a natural, intuitive workflow which Tech Engine Australia can help you implement.
With another integration example, RingCentral for Salesforce, Sales teams can make or receive calls, use Business messaging, or initiate a conference call without leaving their familiar work environment. Incoming callers are instantly matched to existing contact records, which are automatically displayed. The sales rep can also take notes while on a call and can choose to save those to the customer’s CRM record.

The first open, self-service cloud communications platform
This powerful platform is also open to developers, partners, and customers, allowing businesses to easily integrate robust communications capabilities into key enterprise applications. The RingCentral Connect Platform™ for developers ( offers a family of cloud APIs with a comprehensive SDK that integrates voice, messaging, and fax communications within important business processes.

Enabling the New Connected Workspace; RingCentral & Tech Engine Australia

With the RingCentral Connect Platform, developers, customers, and ISVs can now access the power of multi-modal, real-time communications supported by extensive business logic and customer data management and reporting. This makes it easy for developers to not only enable their applications to send and receive calls and messages, but also to deeply embed communications functionality into the workflow of critical business applications.
For example, the RingCentral Connect Platform provides an SDK, tutorials, and developer support to create robust CTI integrations that seamlessly connect the RingCentral platform with Zoho, Salesforce, and other leading CRMs which Tech Engine Australia can help you implement.
The RingCentral Connect Platform also enables IT teams to create customised services that automate workflows, drive efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. For example, a national locksmith service company connected its CRM and dispatch software with the RingCentral platform. This custom integration makes it possible to dispatch locksmiths
via messaging. Customers then receive messaging notices that a locksmith is on the way. The integration includes an immersive custom workflow that connects to back-end business systems, allowing the agent to quickly match the locksmith with the customer.

A future-proofed business communications system
Now, companies can bridge the gap between disparate business systems or between systems and users by integrating this self-service cloud communications offering with any application. In addition, customers and ISV partners can easily create differentiated product offerings by incorporating next-generation communications features which Tech Engine Australia can help you implement.
This is critical for businesses in today’s competitive environment, where the company with the best technology often wins. Looking at the seamless blend of services and communications in offerings such as Uber shows that these types of integrations can even disrupt entire industries. For enterprise IT departments looking to drive competitiveness through technology, the RingCentral platform offers an open path to staying competitive today and in the future.

What developers do with the power and capabilities of the RingCentral platform is limited only by their imaginations. For example:

• A taxi or limousine service that uses RingCentral Office
for voice dispatch could add automated messages
confirmations (for example, “Your car will arrive in two
minutes”) to its custom dispatch software. Or, if a customer
needed to meet a limo driver at the airport, the phone
system could automatically send a photo of the driver by
message or email.

• An online electronics retailer could improve both sales
and customer satisfaction by integrating a custom CRM
system with real-time access to information. For example, a
pop-up note based on the incoming caller ID could provide
information about the customer’s prior orders and help the
associate provide the caller with relevant information.

• A medical office could integrate its back-end appointment
system with patient contact information and automatically
send appointment reminders via message, and patients
could reply to confirm or request a change.

• An independent developer could create an integration
that enables shoppers to connect with product reviewers.
Reviewers wouldn’t even need to be online. They could
receive questions via messages, and their responses could
post to the retailer’s website in real time.

Insights from communications metadata in the era of big data

Imagine if you never received an email from a client or colleague because they didn’t have your contact information saved in their phone. It’s tough enough to keep up with all the emails we get, so imagine how many more messages would be lost without technology that could automatically take data and make it accessible anywhere? Big Data is changing everything about communications as computers can now sift through mountains of unstructured metadata-texts, calls, pictures etc.-and use machine learning algorithms to extract insights which are valuable for making decisions like whether or not this customer wants another item delivered on time before his birthday next week.

Metrics such as conversion, engagement and utilisation rates are not just important in web-enabled applications but also in real-time communications. IT managers recognise that these stats can drive intelligent decision making which is why they will often look at metrics to see how a website or app is performing during its run time.

RingCentral captures and stores a wealth of valuable data about your company’s or your customers’ communication behaviors, as well as levels of engagement, utilisation, and success. This information can be used to measure these business analytics with RingCentral application integrations which Tech Engine Australia is here to help you implement.

Many knowledge workers today live in business apps such as Microsoft Office 365, Google for Work, and Salesforce. They also rely on multiple communication apps—on multiple devices—to stay in touch with customers and collaborate with teams.
These workers also expect their own devices and apps to integrate smoothly into the company phone system and enterprise
business systems. All the while, IT must ensure reliability and security.
It takes a comprehensive enterprise-grade communications platform to satisfy these business needs. RingCentral provides an industry-leading SaaS platform that offers a full suite of communications tools that are essential for today’s workers.
More importantly, RingCentral integrates these tools with many of the most popular cloud apps, giving management a better view into the business and workers a better, more collaborative work environment. A robust developer’s platform also makes it easy for IT teams to create custom integrations and unique new service offerings which Tech Engine Australia can help you implement.
This is the new work environment. From intelligence in the platform that can surface the most urgent messages to automatic dialing from within apps such as Office 365 or Gmail to empowered chat, by offering the strongest foundation for businesses to create new, disruptive service offerings, the RingCentral platform is the leading choice to equip your workforce for the challenges of tomorrow.