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Sophos Intercept X;

At Tech Engine Australia, we take Security seriously. That’s why our team members work diligently with industry leading companies to ensure the best product and service for you.

Sophos is a British security software and hardware company leading the field of Cyber Security. One such product they have developed, Sophos Intercept X, consistently rates at the top for protection against malware that constantly evolves to avoid detection.

Sophos Intercept X;
Tech Engine Australia Support London & Sophos

What is Sophos Intercept X?

Intercept runs as a standalone agent, alongside your existing antivirus or combined with Sophos Endpoint Protection. Intercept X gives you next-generation anti-exploit and deep learning malware detection for an extra layer of security to protect against today’s sophisticated cyberthreats that evade traditional defenses. You can also block ransomware attacks in progress by analyzing behavior patterns before they take hold!

End-to-End Endpoint Protection

Sophos Intercept X is a comprehensive security product that utilizes the latest in next-gen techniques to protect your system. It pairs traditional malware protection with built-in endpoint detection and response, integrating advanced technology from both fields into one platform for an unparalleled defense against cyber threats of all kinds. This approach gives you unmatched power over any threat that may come at you – whether it’s old or new school!

To stop most types of malicious software before they can do damage on your computer, Sophos offers its newest release: Intercept X . The company’s top rated tech (including their best anti-malware) has been paired up with Built In Endpoint Detection & Response features which detect suspicious behaviors so vulnerabilities are discovered sooner than later.

Harness the power of a deep learning neural network

Intercept X can protect computers from malware without relying on signatures, and it has built-in artificial intelligence that learns to detect both known or unknown viruses.

Deep learning makes Intercept X smarter, more scalable, and higher-performing than endpoint security solutions that use traditional machine learning or signature-based detection alone.

Tech Engine Australia Support London & Sophos
Tech Engine Australia Support London & Sophos Intercept X

7 Features that Tech Engine Australia can help you implement

Comprehensive Anti-Exploit – Detecting and stopping over 20 exploit methods used to compromise vulnerable applications.

CryptoGuard – Detecting and rolling back malicious file encryption (ransomware).

Application Lockdown – Preventing malicious behaviors of applications, like a macro in a Word document that installs another application and runs it.

Safe Browsing – Intercept X includes policy options to monitor a web browser’s crypt, presentation, and network interfaces to detect man-in-the-browser attacks that are common in many banking Trojans.

Root Cause Analysis – Providing an explanation of what happened and how when malicious activity is detected.

Clean – This provides a robust malware removal capability that will restore tampered Windows OS files and registries.

Compatibility with other vendor Anti-Virus
Sophos Intercept X is designed to work alongside competitive antivirus products or to be deployed as a single, integrated agent with Sophos Endpoint Advanced. A personal favourite of Tech Engine Australia.

Synchronized Security – Collaboration with other Sophos Synchronized Security-enabled products to share contextual threat information and to
respond automatically to detected threats.

Find out how deep learning goes beyond traditional machine learning, and how Sophos has the industry’s most advanced deep learning capabilities.

Tech Engine Australia Support London & Sophos

Proven Ransomware Protection

Intercept X is an all-inclusive anti-ransomware solution with the ability to stop never before seen ransomware and boot record attacks. Whether files or processes are abused, CryptoGuard will revert them without any interaction from users. This cutting edge technology can be run on personal devices as well as remote servers so you don’t have to worry about your work being compromised ever again!

Tech Engine Australia is aware of maintaining high performance standards, fortunately the performance impact is minimal!

Intercept X, when deployed with all features enabled, consumes <1% CPU utilization on a typical system. This can spike when malicious activity is detected and files are being restored, a root cause analysis is being performed, and Sophos Clean is triggered to remove the attacking software. In those scenarios, CPU usage can spike to 1 core for several seconds.

As well as the memory utilization! The full Intercept X product consumes about 150MB of runtime memory.