Islam Channel provides programmes which are original, educational, informative and entertaining, while at the same time providing a platform for the untapped vibrant talent across the UK and around the world. The main objectives of Islam Channel are to promote both critical thinking and problem solving, so that viewers can benefit from programmes that are not only interactive but also meaningful. The majority of the programs on Islam Channel are produced by Islam Channel, such as our pre-recorded programs and documentaries. With its own studios, production crew, necessary equipment for in-door and out-doors shoots, graphics team, editing team and line-up of experienced producers, we take a concept from initial stages to the end final product.


As part of Islam Channel creating, sharing and receiving content from off site staff and freelancers, the exchange of data via physical is very common. However, with little governance over the data entering and exiting the network it is difficult to manage data loss and network security risks.

“We are sharing terabytes of data on a monthly basis between our teams, freelancers and clients. However, we have often experienced issues with having a systematic platform and method of access.” Head of Production, Arfan