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Office 365 for the Recruitment Industry

Recruiters need to have a deep understanding of both the clients and prospective candidates in order for them to find that perfect match. Tech Engine Australia found this suite of apps is ideally suited with their industry because it gives recruiters everything they need, like technology services and office productivity tools, as well as search features which allow you view jobs from any location at anytime without having your own dedicated IT infrastructure.

Office 365 for the Recruitment Industry
Office 365 & Tech Engine Australia

Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect platform

It includes features such as personal recruiting, staff administration, talent management, employee self-service, time management and reporting. It can be accessed with Outlook, web browser, notebook, iPad, tablet and smartphones.

If HR departments want to post open positions on their website, they can do so without having any work done. Plus, when candidates apply for the position electronically through Outlook’s interface with Office 365 and it goes straight into a folder of that particular candidate or posting.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Office 365 has the power to streamline and improve recruitment processes, while reducing time spent on them. This is done by providing a number of features that can be used at every step in the process – from creating job postings, hiring managers finding qualified applicants for those listings, interviewing candidates who are interested in applying for open positions or have been referred as potential hires.

Streamline Sourcing With O365 Teams

O365 Teams provides a number of tools that can be used to streamline the sourcing process. In addition, it improves upon communication by providing an opportunity for hiring managers and HR staff members to communicate their needs with other teams as well. Furthermore, this platform is designed in such a way so that employees are able to share knowledge about potential candidates without having any conflicting interests or missing important information.

As the needs of companies evolve, the importance of consistent and continuous communication grows. Microsoft Office 365 Teams provides:

  • A continuous communication platform. Through channels and teams, hiring managers can work together to vet applicants and fill positions. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to reference previous communications, work on documents together, and easily initiate one-on-one conversations via chat, video, or voice. 
  • Easy document sharing and collaboration. As a completely integrated solution, Microsoft Teams also works for documents, spreadsheets, and other Microsoft files. Hiring managers can share things like resumes and job specifications easily while adding notes as needed. 
  • Interviewing and connectivity options. If interviewing has to be completed remotely, the Office 365 Teams platform can be used for both video and voice interviews. Multiple hiring managers can be included in these interviews for a better overall feel of each candidate. 
  • Shared and integrated calendar functions. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to set appointments, share appointments, and quickly review individual and shared calendars. Changes to appointments can be made easily and appointments can be reviewed quickly through a single dashboard. 

Altogether, Microsoft Teams is able to improve upon a number of HR processes, making it easier for hiring managers to communicate with the HR department and making it easier for the entire department to remain on the same page.

Managing Applicants in Microsoft Teams

Shared calendars make it easier to schedule meetings with applicants. As hiring managers have more than one person in their office, shared calendars mean that they can easily see what another manager has scheduled and be able to review their own schedules as well.

Using Microsoft Teams Office 365 for Onboarding

Microsoft Teams makes onboarding a seamless and easy process. It allows you to share important documents, chat with the hiring company via video conference while negotiating positions, and collaborate on the entire process of getting your new hire up-to-speed before even beginning work at their first day!

Finally, a video to show you the process:

Tech Engine Australia & Office 365

Tech Engine Australia can help your recruitment company streamline its processes by providing & managing a complete Office 365 service.

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