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DUO Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign On

Today we’d love to talk to you about two exciting new products that Tech Engine Australia are now offering.

Firstly, Single sign-on (SSO) from Duo

It provides users with an easy and consistent login experience for any and every application, whether it’s on-premises or cloud-based.

DUO Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign On
Tech Engine Australia – Single Sign On

A Stress-Free Login Experience

Duo’s secure single sign-on (SSO) service offers a streamlined login experience that is backed by airtight information security. Duo enables on-demand access to essential applications without compromising your users’ privacy or data with risks of phishing and malware attacks. Providing an easy, yet safe way for employees to work from anywhere makes them more productive and flexible in their personal lives as well.

Log in Once, Work Everywhere

With Duo’s SSO, users can log in to a single, MFA-protected dashboard to gain access to all of their applications, both cloud-based and native.

SSO for the Modern Workforce

Implement SSO with the tools people are actually using. Whether your applications are on-premesis or cloud-based, they’re all conveniently integrated for easy access — and with Duo’s granular access policy options, you can provide just the right level of access for each.

Compatible With Any Security Architecture

Duo’s SSO is designed to complement our multi-factor authentication solution — but our zero-trust platform integrates with dozens of other SSO and identity provider tools, allowing you to secure application access in the way that works best for your business.

Which brings us on nicely to our second new product:

Multi-Factor Authentication from Duo

There’s no easier way to use multi-factor authentication. Designed for the modern workforce and backed by a zero trust philosophy, Duo is Cisco’s user-friendly, scalable access security platform that keeps your business ahead of ever-changing security threats.

DUO Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign On
Tech Engine Australia- Multi-Factor Authentication

Modern, Effective Multi-Factor Authentication

Cisco’s Duo multifactor authentication is the simplest way to increase protection for your apps. This second source of verification provides assurance that you are who you say, all while giving a seamless login process and easy integration with existing technology.

DUO Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign On
Tech Engine Australia – Security Breaches

How Does It Work

DUO Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign On
Multi-factor authentication – A Simple Process

CISCO’s Duo is a type of multi-factor authentication that adds an additional layer of security to your passwords. The second source, such as phone or token, verifies user identity before granting access and the simple streamlined login experience for every application makes it easy to integrate with existing technology.

There you have it, two excellent new products that Tech Engine Australia can implement and manage for you.

Do you have any questions? We would love to hear from you!

Please get in touch today and we will be happy to help get your company set up with DUO Multifactor Authentication and/or Single Sign On.