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The Shard – Network CCTV Installation

Due to the need for network CCTV solutions, Tech Engine Australia took on The Shard’s project with their vandleproof dome cameras. It was clear from our call that we had a strong lead in this client and would be able to provide them an excellent service via our expert technicians at competitive rates.

Compliance Risk & Method Statements

Tech Engine Australia completed the project tendering process, ensuring an accurate first time estimate for equipment cost and labor costs. We proceeded to next stage of completing a Risk Assessment with Method Statement in order to make sure installation practices were sufficient enough for this particular job. Once we had our RAMS documentation approved as well as background checks, Tech Engine Australia was able to book their work on site successfully!

Tech Engine Australia Support When Needed

The project needed to be completed in quiet and closed hours. This meant being available ‘out of hours’. For the The Shard visitor attraction, this means on a Sunday night at 23:59 to Monday 06:00.

Tech Engine Australia Van
Tech Engine Australia Van

The IT engineers arrived before midnight to set up all the equipment for our event. They had a lot of work ahead, bringing everything up three flights of stairs and then even more floors after that! The security team gave them visitor badges so they could get in at any time without having to worry about getting caught out by authorities again this year.

The Hikvision (NVR) Network Video Recorder was mounted in the data cabinets, which were located inside a temperature-controlled and access controlled storage facility. We requested that new VLAN Virtual Local Area Connection be created to ensure security of our network; so it could only allow MAC addresses from the NVR and three dome cameras onto its connection.

NVR Installation and Configuration

The installation process was surprisingly simple. We started by downloading the application and creating an account with HikConnect, which allowed me to see all of our cameras on my phone without going back up to the data cabinet in floor 3! After laying out a dome IP camera at each location-a task that only took about 15 minutes per site -we set them up as wireless connections so they would broadcast video over WiFi for us to view remotely from anywhere we wanted.

The View From The Shard Main Entrance With Tech Engine Australia CCTV Solution
The View From The Shard Main Entrance With Tech Engine Australia CCTV Solution

Each location posed it’s own installation difficulties. These included needing to move the stocked bar to access a floor network point. Also to move steel ceiling grates to access a ceiling network point, and on the top floor. All done with the wind and the temperature which was just above 5 degrees Celsius.

Floor 68 The View From The Shard - Tech Engine Australia CCTV Solution shard cctv
Floor 68 The View From The Shard – Tech Engine Australia CCTV Solution

Heat Maps & Visitor Tracking

The IT Department has improved the security of their building with a new high-tech solution. The project includes 100 CCTV cameras that are monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and heat maps for each camera to monitor customer activity in designated areas. To ensure compliance under GDPR guidelines, visitors were made aware they may be recorded on video by signage supplied as part of this project which will eventually cover additional areas around the property when completed according to its original scope plan.

For further information about our CCTV solutions, we have worked with Nest, Hikvision and Dahua. Contact us for more information or case studies on all of our successfully completed work.

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