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The top 13 benefits of proactive managed services vs reactive break-fix

Small and medium-sized businesses have to prioritize many things, such as customer acquisition. They also need to avoid inefficiency and deliver excellent customer service while managing costs by hiring employees who can assist with meeting government regulations like keeping up on trends from the industry.

Technology comes with its own challenges for SMBs because of mobile devices taking over computing needs that will constantly change how they work, but it presents a chance for them to streamline processes which improves employee productivity.

Managed services are the safest bet when it comes to your IT needs today. All of our tech support is delivered according to a clear service level agreement over time for an affordable price, and we never charge you more than what was agreed on at the start. This makes them perfect in this uncertain environment because they give you low risk with predictable results that will be there whenever and wherever you need us – without ever breaking down or going offline!

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Stability and Expertise

Predictable IT costs. Managed Service plans can help you keep your IT costs predictable and offer a stable cost when it comes to fixing any tech problems that may arise.

Legitimate training.

Despite the complexity and cost of IT, many small businesses have no choice but to hire an on-site technician. The demand for these specialists is high as they are often able to solve issues that others cannot. However, hiring a qualified employee can come with its own set of challenges due in part by inexperience or low pay rates within this field making it difficult find someone competent who will stay long enough without being poached elsewhere at higher wages.

Real-world experience. And while certifications are important, so is experience. Leading managed service providers encounter very few problems they haven’t seen before, and in-house IT employees often remain narrowly focused on a small set of problems. You’d rather an experienced doctor solve your physical ailments right? The same goes for an IT support team

Reduced Risk, Leveled Playing Field

A safe bet. Working with a trusted MSP is the best way to minimize your risk when investing in an industry that changes quickly. The more knowledge and experience they have, the better off you will be!

A real competitive edge. Working with a managed service provider like ours can give your company access to enterprise-level technology at an affordable cost. With our help, small and medium enterprises have the same capabilities as larger companies do in terms of support services.

Compliance that counts. In today’s world, small to medium-sized businesses have more ways than ever to handle commerce of all types. But with this increased transaction sphere comes a strong need for due diligence and careful monitoring since many online transactions are done without the same safeguards offered by traditional means like cash or credit cards at brick and mortar stores. Employing a managed service provider allows you to avoid the risks of misusing client data or other sensitive information that can cause serious damage to your business.

Break-Fix: High Cost, Low Value

“Hey Margaret!” Margaret never asked for this role, but after being trained on how to fix her co-worker’s urgent issues, it just evolved in her direction. The cost of Margaret fixing these problems is not often calculated; nor are the chances that a lack of formal IT knowledge will lead to more expensive repair bills later on.

“I got a guy.” The idea of “I Got a Guy” is attractive. A company can have the best possible support without breaking their budget and being stuck with one person’s hours for eight to twelve months at a time. However, there are problems that arise when companies rely on an independent operator who may not always be available around-the-clock as needed or maintain enough technical knowledge to solve complex problems in all areas of technology they’re contacted about.

“Call in the Geek Squad!” The business owner does not always have a choice when their computer fails. They could wait for someone to answer the phone, but that can take hours and they need help now! The first person who comes will often be helpful with desktop issues but may lack understanding of how networks work or other problems specific to businesses.

“Hire an IT person — pronto!” The business owner is at their wit’s end. They’ve tried everything, but there seems to be no way out of the constant need for IT support. In a last-ditch effort they hire an in-house resource that can troubleshoot any issue on demand. However, this too fails and instead thrusts them into “react” mode where they have to prioritize what needs fixing first or worse yet never knowing if something has already been fixed because it was quickly forgotten about as soon as another problem arose again.

Managed Services: Low Cost, High Value

Proactive approach = resolution before crisis. If you’re looking for a way to ensure that your employees are focused on the task at hand, look no further. Monitoring and maintenance software can identify problems before they affect employee productivity so everyone is able to rest easier knowing resolution occurs long before situations turn into “white-hot” emergencies.

Uniform application of the optimal resource. The lowest-cost, most highly credentialed resources are applied to recognized issues first. The bigger problems are escalated to higher skilled people who can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Fast response regardless of priority. Multiple levels of on-site and remote IT support are available to resolve problems simultaneously. These proactive approaches ensure productivity is increased by resolving issues before they become detected by the end user, while also making a company’s staff more tech literate which can eventually lead to an investment payoff in improved technology use.

The Final Word

When it comes to business, there are always hurdles that can’t be avoided. Competition is never-ending and technology evolves at an ever-increasing rate; managing productivity for small or medium businesses becomes increasingly difficult with the passage of time. That’s why CMIT Solutions has spent years tailoring a variety of managed services meant specifically for these challenges your company faces–streamlining efficiency and boosting performance so you don’t have to worry about maintenance on top of everything else!

Proactive IT support takes the complexity out of technology by providing comprehensive support at one flat-rate price — no surprises.

The break/fix approach to IT support has not only failed to meet the needs of SMBs, but it also damages their relationship with technicians. This is because while SMB owners want help understanding technology and how they can use it for growth, technicians are busy dealing with a repetitive high-stress workload that leaves them unable to do more satisfying work or projects that could offer lasting value.

Technology is integral to the success of small-medium sized businesses, and CMIT Solutions understands that. One way they do this? By implementing a new strategy for IT support which will make break/fix obsolete and deliver greater efficiency at lower costs! This game changer in SMB tech should be on everyone’s radar as it offers more than just ease – it delivers better productivity with less cost attached too.