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Barracuda Total Email Protection

With the holidays upon us, there will be an increase in fraudulent behavior. This is often a result of email scams which bypass secure email gateways with today’s sophisticated social engineering attacks. These can end up costing your organisation time and money as well as brand equity

Therefore, Tech Engine Australia would like to remind you of a very popular product of ours – Barracuda Total Email Protection; providing comprehensive security against advanced email-borne threats.

What is Barracuda Total Email Protection

Every day, email fraudsters and social engineers try to steal passwords or other information from employees using techniques like phishing. Barracuda Total Email Protection is a multi-layered solution that combats these attacks by combining AI-powered proactive protection with secure gateways. This ensures your company’s data stays protected against threats such as account takeover and business email compromise.

Multi-Layered Email Protection

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Key Benefits

  • Complete multi-level defence that combines AI-based
    email security, compliance, business continuity, and user
    security training.
  • AI learns your communication patterns to detect personalised fraud in real time
  • Unique API-based architecture stops threats inside your mailbox that traditional gateways cannot
  • Uses vast, real-time global threat information network to optimize detection

” Did you know there is 13 separate email threats that could cause havoc to your company? Call Tech Engine Australia today to learn more and speak to one of our experts for free advice”
Matthew Hinge, Director of Tech Engine Australia

13 Email Threats Overview Video with Tech Engine Australia

Top Features

  • API-based integration with Office 365
  • Real-time AI-powered anti-phishing protection
  • Brand protection using DMARC reporting and enforcement
  • Tamper-proof email archiving for compliance and e-discovery
  • Advanced, automated security awareness training
  • Simple setup and management, with zero impact on network performance

Forensics and Incident Response

Automation has never been more important for incident response. Recent data breaches have shown that manual techniques are not enough to stop attacks even when they’re made aware of them quickly. Fortunately, Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response can help you automate your responses so no one gets left behind in the cyber attack aftermath because it’s impossible to manually respond fast enough with all the threats coming at us every day.

Security Awareness – Fight phishing with continuous training and simulation

You may think you’ve trained your team well enough to identify every potential cyberattack, but this is a dangerous assumption. Protection against social engineering attacks requires training and vigilance that can be hard for busy employees to maintain on their own, which is why we created Barracuda PhishLine. This powerful tool delivers simulated phishing attempts with real-time updating content so our customers always have an up-to-date defense against these insidious threats!

Inbox Defense – Defeat spear phishing and account takeover with AI

With ever-growing losses from socially engineered email attacks, Barracuda Sentinel is an Tech Engine Australia solution that stops costly fraud attempts and protects your data using artificial intelligence. It detects malicious intent by learning each user’s unique communication pattern to identify fraudulent behavior in real time

Resilience – Keep your data safe and ensure business continuity

Tech Engine Australia recommends you need a data protection solution that will ensure the longevity of your business. Barracuda Essentials ensures this through advanced email continuity and backup services, protecting against accidental or malicious deletion of emails and data by offering one-click recovery from ransomware, viruses, power outages; as well as an easy to use interface for backing up onsite servers with flexible options for off site storage.

Secure Gateway – Protect your business from email-borne cyberthreats

Hundreds of new malicious emails are created every second. These attacks range from low-level junk mail to malware, ransomware, and phishing scams targeted at high profile companies. The Barracuda Essentials cloud security solution combines heuristic technology with behavioral analysis for greater accuracy in detecting these increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Tech Engine Australia have been a happy user ourselves of Barracuda Total Email Protection as well as installing and managing for many of our clients.

If you would like some more information, please get in touch.

Article & Website by Josh Willett.