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HIKVISION Second Generation IP Video Intercom System

Hikvision is a world leading manufacturer of security products and solutions. With an extensive, highly skilled R&D workforce that’s constantly innovating new ways to help you stay protected from crime, we manufacture comprehensive products for a broad range of vertical markets – including the revolutionary Second Generation IP Video Intercom System. Tech Engine Australia has been proudly using Hikvision products for several years now, allowing us to introduce this system to you: it features built-in smartphone support and HD video quality so your loved ones can feel just as safe at home when they’re away.

HIKVISION Second Generation IP Video Intercom System
Tech Engine Australia & Hikvision’s second generation IP video intercom system

Getting full control over an entrance, whether in a single home,a block of flats or a business is simple and stylish with the next generation of video intercom. A modular system means that it can be tailored to the needs of the environment, with three specific goals in mind: to deliver security, comfort and design.

Tech Engine Australia 3 favourite features


Hikvision’s security cameras are the ultimate in home protection. The system is designed to allow you, from your living room or even remotely on your phone, a clear and unobstructed view of what’s happening at your doorstep with just one click. With Hikvision’s alarm functionality enabled by default, if any preset scenario plays out (such as someone being too close for comfort) – an alert will be sent straight to you- giving you peace of mind!


The HikConnect system is designed with a focus on user experience. For example, users can answer the call from their doorbell wherever they want through mobile phone. They also have access to monitoring input via cameras and alarms systems – all available at the tap of an app! The touch screens for both indoor and outdoor stations are intuitively designed with simple menus that even your grandparents would be able to use without difficulty!


The sleek design of the modular system has been created to fit into, and complement modern homes. The station is a Red Dot Design Awarded concept that fits seamlessly together on your wall for an elegant look.


Hikvision’s modular intercom products are available in two technologies, IP and 2-Wire technology. These options deliver more flexible expansion capabilities with convenience of installation. Hikvision’s complete 2-Wire package uses existing wiring for simple, speedy and cost saving installation when replacing existing equipment while plug & play features make it easy to configure the system as a whole.

Introduction to 2nd Generation IP Video Intercom System Video

The biggest Advantage – ”Unlock your door or gate from your phone”

Tech Engine Australia & Hikvision

Tech Engine Australia would be happy to discuss installing Hikvision’s Second Generation IP Video Intercom System for your home or business. Please contact us today to find out more information.