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Cyber Security Basic Standards

Stop hiding when I am talking to you!

People have a habit of staying anonymous on social media. Silently reading but lurking, to avoid giving a comment or opinion. Fair enough.

Except when it comes to IT security.

I rabbit on, and on, and on about having

Two Factor Authentication

1) Two factor authentication on everything (yes even Facebook and Amazon and Twitter)

Anti-Phishing Protection

2) Anti phishing protection – Saving you if you click on the wrong link

Managed and Automated Patching

3) Managed patching so your web browser (and other software) remains safely and securely up to date

Anti-Ransomware Protection

4) Anti-ransomware protection – Any unexpected encryption or compression is blocked instantly

And people just shut their ears and eyes whimpering something about “I have antivirus protection, I am alright…. aren’t I?”. They avoid looking me in the face (metaphorically). “I am just a single home/business user surely the bad guys won’t get me?!”. 

Well, now it turns out they will. The latest ransomware attacks are targeted directly at SMEs where the ransom is £8k-£15k. Small enough to make the SME pay up, large enough to seriously cripple the SME affected.

“Antivirus” only $6 a month. All the above options including antivirus, are $16 a month. You decide!

See our endpoint protection options, see what you think fits your business and helps you sleep at night