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Why haven’t you switched to cloud computing?

If you ain’t making use of the cloud, you really are missing out big time.

In recent years, most companies have adopted cloud computing. Cloud refers to a system of using computer services over the internet where people can access applications like Gmail and Dropbox through their web browser rather than downloading software on their computers or smartphones. The flexibility that comes with this allows for more convenience and easy use when at home or traveling as well as saving space by not having to download multiple programs onto your phone!

If so many of our daily operations are cloud-based, why are some companies still reluctant to make the switch?

At Tech Engine Australia, we’ve outlined our 5 main reasons you need to switch to the cloud below:

As a business owner, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. When it comes to storage space or software licensing agreements, companies often don’t prepare in advance – but if they do and buy more than what is needed then their budget could take years to use up all of its reserve resources! With cloud computing scaling up your services is easy: providers can easily upgrade packages as need dictates while only charging for exactly what’s used. Cloud computing works on an “all-you-can eat” subscription service model which means that there’s no stumbling block when it comes time to grow


Remote working is coming to be more and more a part of the work-life balance, with many people opting for it. This means that businesses will have to start making preparations in order to accommodate this option. For instance, if an office has fewer desks than staff members due largely because employees are choosing remote working options instead of commuting into the workplace on some days or even full time – then they’ll need certain adjustments made so as not only allow but encourage their talent pool from being able to stay productive remotely while still giving them the flexibility they desire at home.

Collaborative working

You can collaborate on documents more efficiently if you don’t send your files back and forth by email as attachments. Not only will it create a messy situation with conflicting content, but also the system isn’t very secure either. Cloud computing allows you to store all of your work centrally in one place so that everyone has access at any time! This ensures sensitive information is kept safe while improving collaboration which leads to better productions overall.


A lack of security for your sensitive data could lead to a billion pound business problem, but the cost is priceless. The cloud will give you greater peace of mind when it comes to losing expensive tech devices because no matter what happens with lost laptops or phones, you’ll be able to access all data and remotely wipe them if they go missing.

You’ll be able to fully concentrate on your business without worrying about the day-to-day operations and maintenance of their data centres as they are kept up by experienced staff. They also implement best security practices so you won’t have to worry about keeping things secure internally or externally with them!

Reduced costs
In the past, companies have experienced high levels of internal maintenance costs due to expensive upfront software purchases. With cloud services being a subscription-based system that only require small monthly payments for what you use rather than costly one and done expenses, businesses are saving money on their IT budgets by having service providers do all updates and program upkeep internally instead.

The benefits of switching to cloud-based services is a no brainer. They can help eliminate the costs required to procure or maintain IT equipment, provide companies with complete flexibility and the option to scale up their business at any time. It’s not just about saving money though – it also comes down having more control over your own data as well! If you want to discover where the cloud can take your business, contact Tech Engine Australia today!